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Perusing The Ocean Floor
There is not a lot of information about the ocean floors and even less in the public domain. There are some very unusual markings and shapes to investigate.

What Kinds of Aliens Are amongst Us?
Some have mixed DNA, a triple helix or grafted strands of ET DNA to human DNA. What about these ones, what happens to these ones when full disclosure happens, when King Jesus comes in the clouds or discloses His presence here?

Understanding forums: Trollspotting
A little wiser now I think it is valuable to be able to spot them as they can wreak havoc,not only on a thread but in the whole forum. These are some insights I have about them.

Stars or Alien Spacerafts?
I had read from some channeled messages (which are usually questionable), that the position of solar system has changed much & hence we wouldn't see some of the regular stars or constellations.

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A Giant Breach in Earth's Magnetic Field
Breaking News from NASA...Dec. 16, 2008: NASA's five THEMIS spacecraft have discovered a breach in Earth's magnetic field ten times larger than anything previously thought to exist.

Fox news jammed annoucing Dutch 2012 WARNING!

A short must see video!

End of the Funnel: 2 Major Earthquakes 2 Occur (12/10-12/15/08)
The U.S. Government Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) warns of a 'catastrophic' quake around the Tennessee region for one disastrous quake and the forecasters of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake (causing the Asian Tsunami) assess that one might possibly appear in South America.

The SHTF - Now What?
What To Do & When

Home Defense And Readiness
How to prepare for what is coming.

The Ring, Often Called The Pit!
Battle of wits! Two go in, one comes out! See who has what it takes.

Hello and Welcome to Earth's Banner.

This web site is for those that know that our world is in deep trouble. Economically, spiritually, even emotionally we see unrest and great concern by the peoples of our world. Most people, if you ask them, seem to think we are on the verge of some great changes taking place or about to take place in our world. From all walks of life and from every direction people are talking about 2012, about the pole shift of our planet, even Armageddon and possible ET invasion. Have you noticed? Are you feeling the stress in the world today too?

Many want to discuss these events in the world today and what may be causing them. What are your thoughts? Come talk with all of us in the forum, give us your views, What do you know that would, or could explain all this unrest. There is so much that we are not being told the truth about.

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Come join us in our endeavor to understand The Document (bible) as the very message from extra terrestrials about their government called The Kingdom. The bible is about disclosure, the governance of the galaxies, not religion or churches.

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