Identifying Demons Among Us

Have you ever wondered how to identify those minions that live amongst us, which look like us and mimic humans, that maybe live next door or across the street or shop at the same grocery store as you?

What? Don't you think demon's would enjoy the sensations that we humans have always had the benefit of? Don't you think demons eat? Do you remember the food called manna? What do you think all that animal mutilation and human experimentation is all about?

Do you really know who or what your daughter or son is dating?

Arrogance, hostility and antagonism.

This is most prevalent across all the different species, from their highest ranking one(s) to the lesser imps. Their arrogance is so rampant they tend to trip over it. Whereas arrogance I wouldn't even use to describe humans, we humans are bold but that boldness is tempered, such as boldness tempered with logic and common sense or a little practical wisdom.

They generally travel in groups, packs, although others will be loners. The pack will have a queen bee, a lead protagonist, everyone's confidante but no ones real friend. Many of these demons display behaviors and mannerisms resembling a prized pet but one that had been abandoned in a strange neighborhood to fend for themselves. Befriending one of the discarded pet or members of a loosely knit pack the friendship quickly becomes a dependency on the human, like a bur clinging to your shirt, scratching your skin. If you befriend the lead protagonist, the friendship becomes one-sided, very skillfully manipulated and maneuvered. These demons have infiltrated causing havoc in all levels of our human society, from our governance, judicial, discoveries of the truth like the sciences to how we are to give just due respect to our Creator.

They view us humans as inferior, stupid, ignorant and they claim humans are savage, murdering warmongers when all along they are using us humans as cannon fodder. They claim all that is wrong with the world is our fault.

There is a prevalent trend of these fallen ones, demons and their cohorts, traitors, to use a direct argument form called "ad hominem" which degrades the entire discussion and results in no possible way to communicate information. This behavior by the demons, Bad ET's that are here on/in the Earth is so prevalent and wide spread, the result has rendered the internet, internet forums, any form of intelligent exchange useless, neutralized.

There are physical identifiers other than six fingers and six toes but can your mind really handle it?

There are identifiers such as mannerisms, behaviors, attitudes, physiological breakdown, biological requirements, and products in the marketplace that the human physiology would have no need for.

Who & Why Are The ETs Amongst Us?

The flood of Noah till today, mankind has been being tested as to our 'Hearts'.

Granted the testers, or ones testing mankind, have way overstepped their places, that being part of why the are referred to as bad ETs, well at least many have caused us needless harm and tried desperately to jealously incorporate our DNA into theirs. There again they have caused great harm, not only to mankind, but to themselves. Many of these cast down ETs, the losers of that last war in our solar system, still don't know that they have lost the war and how thoroughly they were defeated. The word is spreading amongst them that they have been lied to, by their masters, thus there is great unrest amongst the loser bad ETs now here on earth. Not to mention the older "cast outs" from the heavens that were thrown down to the earth some centuries ago by the "dragon". They too have their agendas.

Who & Why Are The ETs Amongst Us?